Turn Contacts Into Customers™

The business alignment course that helps you build and grow your business by tapping into one of the most powerful drivers of action - aspirations.


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Love Your Business

Love Your Customer

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The scientific approach to letting your customers’ aspirations drive their actions.

You know you are the right answer for the right person, but they don’t...yet. Which means in order for you to grow your business faster, you need to learn how to sell more effectively. Unfortunately, too often the drive to make more contact with potential customers leads to neglecting the real driver of action - connection. 

Even worse, in today’s online world, creating a sincere connection between brand and customer is proving harder than ever before. Customers don’t know whom to trust, where to look, and how to decipher between truth and error in the oversaturation of the internet. 

So, whether your desire is to sell or to serve, how can you create that true connection that raises you out of the noise? By creating a Core Connection™️: connecting to your customer’s core values and ambitions... and connecting them to yours. After all, there’s no greater driver of action than aspiration — the pursuit of turning what you want into what you have.

In the Turn Contacts into Customers business alignment course, 12-year marketing and branding expert and Tony Robbins/Dean Graziosi speaker Veronica Romney will show you how to align your company’s actions to your customers’ aspirations and turn your contacts into customers -- for life.


By the end of this course, you will:


Align all of your business efforts with your customer’s aspirations to sell more effectively - a true scientific approach that works!
Find the right marketing mediums to communicate on for maximum impact and influence.
Have a clear picture of where your brand fits in your business and customer's life.
Learn the 4 must-know things about your prospective customer to win them over for life.
Re-position your brand’s role in your customer’s journey to complement and complete them, not compete with them.
Find your unique sales rhythm and flow so you can take the ick out of the pitch and be authentically you in the pursuit of helping your customers succeed.
Learn the secret language of sales. The trifecta of the perfect hook, story, close framework.
Stop struggling with lack of time, feelings of overwhelm, doubts of clarity, and fear of spending your money on the wrong investments.


But above all else, Turn Contacts into Customers™️ will empower you to run your business...not let the business run you.

Yes I can because my business matters!

It's Helpful to Know that this Course 

Wasn't Made for Everyone...

This course is ABSOLUTELY for you if you’ve thought or said something like this before:

  • “Time is my biggest factor. Working in the moments to put my heart, ideas, and passions into reality.”
  • “I feel like I’m failing as an entrepreneur. It’s not clicking and I feel totally burned out with little to show for.”
  • “Not really knowing where to start and not wanting to make a bunch of rookie mistakes that I’ll need to redo later.”
  • “I’m still defining my message and goal and the lack of clarity makes it difficult to deliver valuable content consistently. I feel overwhelmed by the workload.”
  • “I have had a desire to create a business for YEARS but always get overwhelmed with content creation and execution.”
  • “How does my own brand fit within my company’s brand and story? Do I keep personal and professional separate or mix the two?”

This course is NOT for you if you’re looking for:

  • Deep-dive trainings on specific marketing strategies (i.e. how to build a website, SEO, PPC, Facebook Ads, etc). We must align your brand and your message before we workshop specific marketing strategies.  
  • Get rich-quick schemes or hacks. Being in the service of others is never a sprint.
  • Social media growth techniques. Followers, likes, views, and clicks will yield little fruit without knowing how to speak to your customer’s aspirations first.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur whose business hasn’t reached its fullest potential...this education and knowledge is made specifically for you.

Yes I can do this!


Built by a marketing expert whose gained her own freedom with the entrepreneurial battle scars to prove it

Yes I can because I don’t have to do this alone!

The In’s + Out’s of Getting Your Business Aligned with Your Customer’s Aspirations through Turn Contacts into Customers™️

Intro - Foundation Blocks for Business Success

Built specifically for those who struggle with overwhelm, lack of clarity, finding the time to work on their goals, and getting intimidated by the competition. We have to clear the way and silence the noise for our business’ transformation to start.


  • Video 1: 4 Steps to Overcome Overwhelm
  • Video 2: #1 Tip to Time Management 
  • Video 3: The Secret to End Competition Intimidation
  • Video 4: 7 Levels Deep to Our Own Aspirations

Module 1 - Understanding Your Brand, Your Business, Your Customer

Let’s go beyond the surface of the aspirations we only dare to share. What really motivates our customers to buy from us? What do we really stand for and how does our business serve that purpose?


  • Video 1: Knowing Your “Doris” (Ideal Customer)
  • Video 2: Excavating Your Founder’s Story
  • Video 3: Brand vs Business - Creating a Focus Statement

Module 2 - Positioning + Posturing Our Offerings

We have to build a Core Connection™️a bridge between our story and the stories of our customers. People will buy from us and say yes to us not when they understand us, but when they feel understood by us. 


  • Video 1: Six S’s to Bridge a Core Connection™
  • Video 2: How to Introduce Your Business
  • Video 3: Four Questions You Always Need to Ask Your Customers

Module 3 - Embracing Your Most Authentic Marketing

You don’t have to be doing everything on every platform. It’s the expressway to burn out and that shotgun approach will bear little fruit, leaving you unable to earn the money that can sustain your message long-term. 


  • Video 1: Hub vs Spoke Marketing
  • Video 2: Getting Customers To Opt-In
  • Video 3: Your Perfect Home Page

Module 4 - Finding Your Sales Rhythm + Flow

How to take the ick out of selling? Love what you do so much that you feel a disservice by not sharing and selling it to others. You’ll learn how to get people to pay so they can pay attention. 


  • Video 1: The Art of the Hook, Story, Close
  • Video 2: The Perfect Aspirational Sales Pitch

A Small Sample of Our Amazing MyModernBrand Alumni

“I need to just stop and tell you how much your talk and training has transformed how I speak life into people now and the side effect of doing that helped me rank up and 3 of my teammates rank up! We leaning in to love on people well!!! Thanks Veronica!! I had over 500 people on my team but it happened so fast that my follow up was awful! So I went back to those people and started asking them the real questions? What do you really want.....no like WHAT do you really want? How would you feel if you got that? What would your life look like if that happened? I had people even telling me the clothes they would be wearing! It lit me up like a lightbulb to see them dreaming of a healthy future.”

“I’m loving what I’ve learned since our 1 on 1 call earlier this week. The shift is my mindset and therefore my posts and reach outs has been so cool to see! I’m feeling so much more genuine!! Thank you!! 🥰”

“Hi Veronica! I just watched the 7 levels video in the contacts to customers course while I'm on the treadmill, and it took me right back to being in that room at Align with you. That moment for me was the single most impactful moment of the whole event. It brought everything so clearly into focus, and I realized that I didn't want to feel invisible or unnoticed anymore, that I want to help other women feel like they are living fully in their purpose, like I want to. I just felt prompted to reach out and tell you that your work IS changing lives- it's changing mine. And I am getting more bold in my daily life, I am putting up healthier boundaries, and I am getting more and more in alignment with each of my most important areas- my spiritual life, my family relationships, and my business. So, thank you. I will take what you've helped me see inside myself and live into my purpose. Someday we'll meet and I'll be able to show you just a little of the fruits of your labors! I hope your speaking work is going well, you are amazing, and I know you'll touch many many more hearts and lives. Thank you!”

“I've been exploring and trying to create a brand that was independent from the products I sell for years. I've been exposed to tons of social media and business branding strategies over the years, but I still struggled to get really clear on who my Avatar was and what the most important elements of my message were for her. After taking V's Course I feel so much more clarity in my message, who I'm talking to, the stories I can share to create the biggest impact. The course gives you an effective strategy to move forward. I feel like I learned all of the fundamentals for creating a platform that will have long-term stability and opportunities to monetize. This isn't surface stuff, we dove deep! What I especially love about this course is that we learned tools that can be used over and over again as you and your business grows, so that you can always stay relevant and clear in your brand communication and execution. I plan to re-visit this content over and over again for years to come! Thank you V!”

“I came across V's masterclass totally by accident ( like the newsletter) and decided to follow it. I had been thinking about needing to build a brand due to the new business I am starting up as I am writing this. The course sounded like the ideal starting point to look at myself with some serious self reflection. Before the course I had no brand, nor was I aware of how to go about building it. It was interesting to see during the process that the reasons I thought I had to build a brand, were not necessarily correct. I am much clearer now on how to move forward with this. Although, this is not a one time exercise, it is clear now that this is a never ending and always moving journey. I want to enjoy the journey of helping others find their success. Never mind the destination. I feel that Veronica has a phenomenal amount of experience in this field, despite her young age (I am old :-) ). She is a part of the generation that knows what is going on and that is heavily savvy in the internet of today. Never stop learning! Thanks V!.”

“You have been able to communicate so many things regarding “branding” and “marketing” to me that I have been trying to do for a while now unsuccessfully. In todays digital landscape there is so much noise that without a trustworthy brand and a compelling honest story it is difficult to gain trust and to get people to call. With your help we are going to be able to build our brand and tell our story in a way that will connect on a human level which in turn will gain trust and when people trust and like you they do business with you. So thank you. It has been awesome to watch you work!”

“The first class really inspired me to go back to the online course I made and go module by module and made changes based off your training! Your very first class was such an inspiration to me! Loved everything you're creating and speaking to.”

Yes to my own transformation + growth!

An investment in your business that pays dividends in your life.

Students like you have said taking the Turn Contacts into Customers™️ course is like putting on prescription glasses for the first time! 

It's time to see clearly how your branding, marketing, and sales can make a difference in getting your customers to say YES with each contact. Before you invest in a new website, re-write all your sales and marketing copy, run paid advertising on Google, Facebook, or Instagram, or any other marketing endeavor that will easily cost you $10,000 or more, it is CRITICAL you know how your business aligns with the aspirations of your future customers. It is impossible to execute specific marketing strategies correctly when the brand, its messages, its structure, and its focus isn't clearly aligned. You'll end up redoing those marketing efforts over again, losing thousands of dollars, wasting hours of your time, and becoming more frustrated with each passing day.

Why hope for your dream business when you can align your business with your dreams TODAY for just one payment of $97 (with five additional monthly payments of $97) or, for the best value, one total payment of $497.

PLUS, not only is the course yours forever, you also get these Actionable Bonuses:

  • 12-Month Marketing Execution Calendar: A roadmap of what to do for the next year so you don’t have to guess!
  • *Bonus* Personal Brand Clarity Training: How your personal brand should layer over all business endeavors now and in the future so you don’t overgrow your current business.
  • Free Marketing Tools Kit: How to avoid excessive marketing costs and still look like a total pro with these easy to use and totally affordable softwares.
  • Turn Contacts into Customers Worksheets: Templates to navigate you through each module to make the most of your note-taking and business transforming ideas.

Like anything in life, this course won’t work if we don’t put in the work. But if for some reason you don’t find yourself experiencing more confidence and excitement for the future of your business and its abilities to bring you freedom in your life in the first 25 days, email us your work and we will take care of your refund 100%!

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! There is NO better time to be given a map than before you enter the forest. Too many of us, ambitious entrepreneurs, go sprinting into the unknown woods of our businesses, its industry, and its competing forces. Most of us either get lost, give up, or get spit back out like a scene from Harry Potter. Many alumni have expressed they wished they had this knowledge before they started.

A hundred times yes. Most of the testimonials we get back show our students RE-visiting and RE-doing much of their previously executed marketing material. This tends to happen the most after the positioning and posturing module - wink wink.

Our Intro Module and Modules 1 are available right away. Modules 2, 3, 4, and the bonuses will each be rolled out every 7 days one-by-one. Why? Because thought-provoking and soul-searching education is a lot in just one sitting so by spacing it out, the course allows you to get the most out of the program, its exercises, and the application it will have on your business. We've taken so many students throught the course, watched their progress, and now know the perfect pace for our students to peak in their success. Please also keep in mind that the entire course will be yours forever if you can’t get started right away so it fits in everyone's calendar and obligations even if you can't get started right away.

The shortest video in the course is 5-6 mins and the longest is 40 mins. The average video length is only 15 mins though. Remember each video is Veronica speaking directly to you through camera - no slides! Each module will also include worksheets to help you navigate your notes and insights.

Of course. First way to work with Veronica is by signing up for her monthly group coaching program called Core Connection Coaching. Second way to work with Veronica is to join one of her in-person marketing masterminds and workshops.

Have more questions? Raise your hand + ask

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Imagine a business that actually provides you the financial and lifestyle freedom you WANT and you love it because it's built on the foundation of helping others. It's possible for you to build and grow a business that serves both you and your customers while at the same time allowing you to spend time with your family so you can live, travel, and still provide an income for yourself! Now is your time!


Yes I can accomplish what I aspire to!

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