Kick Your Business Up a Notch 

Learn the skills you need to start generating new income in 30 days or less.


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Kick Your Business 

Up a Notch 

Learn the skills you need to start generating new income in 30 days or less.


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Worried you aren't doing it right?

Building a business is hard. Expectations to make it happen overnight makes it even harder.

Core Connection™ is a monthly membership that is a marketing masterclass, mindset coaching and accountability program all rolled into one.

Stop Wondering and Get Learning

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Rise Higher

Inside this monthly membership you'll learn the skills you need to:

Become your own marketing guru
Our monthly trainings will help you learn next-level marketing skills that work in today’s market.
Rise above the competition
Start attracting the right people with a clear message that positions you as a brand.
Create irresistible offers
Drive business growth by connecting to your core and your customer’s aspirations.
Master your mindset
Don’t let doubt, fear, stress and overwhelm keep you from reaching your full potential.
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What Makes Core Connection™ Different

We get it. You’ve read all the business books, binged the podcasts, taken the courses, and showed up to all the conferences. 

And that’s good! Smart and savvy business owners are the perfect fit for Core Connection™ Membership. 

We deliver training and accountability in one monthly membership.

Monthly Coaching:
Start the month out right by setting a 30-day, revenue generating goal and learn a new business skill to help you get there.

Consistent Guidance:
Building a business is a long-term project, so you need long-term guidance. Your monthly membership will keep you focused and growing.

A Proven Method:
Businesses that master Core Connection™ unlock the power of their brand and skyrocket their success.

Monthly Trainings • New Marketing Skills • Live Coaching • Live Q & A

Can’t always make it live? No problem. All sessions are live-streamed and archived.


“Words cannot express how grateful I am for Mrs. Veronica Romney and how much knowledge and inspiration she has given me. She has a way of beautifully and efficiently creating a personal story that connects you to your audience.”


Meet Your New Business Coach!

Veronica is a Tony Robbins / Dean Graziosi Speaker and a marketer with 12-years of marketing experience. What’s more, she started right where you are!

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“I’m so blessed to have found Veronica Romney! Her experience is invaluable, and her dedication and integrity in everything she does make her one of the best in the business. With her guidance and expertise, the sky is the limit for my brand.”

What does it cost?

Individual coaching (from a coach worth their salt) can cost you upwards of $365 an hour. That’s not something most businesses can sustain long term.  

Because we know you need on-going support, we’re proud to introduce membership pricing that works for your budget and business.

Get top-tier results at a group price! Click on your preferred option below.

“Veronica is the real deal. Her expertise was clear from the very first time I heard her speak. Most coaches offer fluff and theory, she was captivating, offered actionable insights and pure gold!!! After working with her it felt as if my brand and business went from the minor leagues to the pros!”

Like anything in life, this membership won’t impact your business if you don’t put in the work. But if you don’t find yourself experiencing more confidence and excitement for the future of your business in the first 30 days, we’ll give you a 100% refund.


Ready for the transformation and growth focused efforts will bring?

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Inside the Core Connection™ Membership Program

Each month you can expect:

Live coaching the first week of the month
Start the month off right with a coaching session to help you set your goals for the next 30 days.

A revenue-generating tactical exercise
We’ll walk through a new business exercise step-by-step so you can apply what you’ve learned to your business right away.

Mini masterclass
Learn from watching one participant every month (that means you, too!) get a live coaching session.

Immediate answers to your questions
Come with your questions ready and get real-time answers to help solve your unique problems.

Can’t always make it live? No problem. All sessions are live-streamed and archived.

Watch a preview of the April training below! 


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We will be using Zoom to record and transcribe each coaching session. Once the recording has finished, the file will be uploaded into your membership portal within 24 hours of the live session date/time.

Absolutely! Each exercise and tool has been carefully selected to fit each level of entrepreneur. It’s simple enough for those starting out but will be soul-searching enough for those who are further along in their businesses.

A hundred times yes. Existing businesses can often benefit the most from a RE-EXAMINATION of what they’ve already done and of their current offerings to the market. Why rely on survival strategies of the past when we can teach you abundance strategies for the future?

At this time, the only way to view past content is to be a part of our Full-year option. As a full year member you are granted immediate access to all previous coaching materials as well as the remainder of the year as they become available.

We aim for the first week of the month between 9am - 3pm EST. You can anticipate an email toward the beginning of each month alerting you of the time/day of that month's live session. If you are unable to catch it live, not to worry! All of our coaching sessions will be recorded and uploaded to your membership portal to view for the remainder of the year.

Of course. A couple different ways to work with Veronica is by joining an in-person mastermind, purchasing her signature Turn Contacts into Customers Course, or inviting her to speak on one of your referred stages.

Coaching sessions will range from 45 to 60 minutes depending on the lesson and the exercise walkthrough. You can go at your own pace and replay each session as many times as you’d like.

More questions? Ask away!

Better Together

 Just because you’re building a business doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Connect with our network of driven, high-achieving peers and navigate the road to success together.

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