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Turn Contacts Into Customers™ (Split Payments)

The business alignment course that helps you build and grow your business by tapping into one of the most powerful drivers of action - aspirations.


What You’ll Get:

  • 16 HD instructional videos to help you align your marketing, branding, and sales efforts to your customers' aspirations.

  • More than 16 different worksheets to help you navigate the course material and help convert your ideas into action.

  • 3 Additional Bonuses including a 12-month marketing execution calendar, bonus personal branding clarity module, and free marketing tools kit. 

  • Countless practical marketing examples including Veronica Romney's own tried and tested marketing work.

  • Lifetime access!

  • Stress-free 30-day 100% money back guarantee.


More than anything, you'll have the confidence in your business, your customer connection, and your family's future. 


Previous Alumni Testimonials:

“I've been exposed to tons of social media and business branding strategies over the years, but I still struggled to get really clear on who my Avatar was and what the most important elements of my message were for her. After taking V's Course I feel so much more clarity in my message, who I'm talking to, the stories I can share to create the biggest impact. The course gives you an effective strategy to move forward. I feel like I learned all of the fundamentals for creating a platform that will have long-term stability and opportunities to monetize. This isn't surface stuff, we dove deep! What I especially love about this course is that we learned tools that can be used over and over again as you and your business grows, so that you can always stay relevant and clear in your brand communication and execution. I plan to re-visit this content over and over again for years to come! Thank you V!”

Ana Lee Hjelm

“You have been able to communicate so many things regarding “branding” and “marketing” to me that I have been trying to do for a while now unsuccessfully. In todays digital landscape there is so much noise that without a trustworthy brand and a compelling honest story it is difficult to gain trust and to get people to call. With your help we are going to be able to build our brand and tell our story in a way that will connect on a human level which in turn will gain trust and when people trust and like you they do business with you. So thank you. It has been awesome to watch you work!”

Sean Schmitt

“I had been thinking about needing to build a brand due to the new business I am starting up as I am writing this. The course sounded like the ideal starting point to look at myself with some serious self reflection. Before the course I had no brand, nor was I aware of how to go about building it. It was interesting to see during the process that the reasons I thought I had to build a brand, were not necessarily correct. I am much clearer now on how to move forward with this. Although, this is not a one time exercise, it is clear now that this is a never ending and always moving journey. I want to enjoy the journey of helping others find their success. Never mind the destination. I feel that Veronica has a phenomenal amount of experience in this field, despite her young age (I am old :-) ). She is a part of the generation that knows what is going on and that is heavily savvy in the internet of today. Never stop learning! Thanks V!”

Pieter Uittenbogaard