Personal Branding Bootcamp 2019


A live 5-week virtual class to build your personal brand from the foundation up Starting September 5, 2019

Excavate your superpowers

Discover your true brand voice

Become a guide + connect

Only 30 Spots Available at an Inaugural Price

It’s time to take action and build something you can build your life around.

Let’s be honest - defining your personal brand and marketing yourself authentically to others isn’t easy. And building a personal brand like the thought leaders, authors, experts, influencers, and personalities you follow on social media can seem impossible IF you don’t have the right foundation from the start.

But there is a way. A proven step-by-step process that has been used successfully with professionals at the top of their game, executive MBA students at public universities, and even the you who wants more but doesn’t know how wherever you’re starting from. And for the FIRST TIME ever, this process is being offered online from the convenience of your home or office.

Let’s do this!

This Class is Absolutely for You if...

  • You are aspiring or struggling entrepreneur who wants to build a business and reputation on your own personal brand.
  • You want to build something that can stand the test of time and bring you both financial freedom and freedom to choose what you do with your time.
  • You’ve bought online courses to help you build your email list, start a business, or develop an online course but struggled with your messaging because your personal brand wasn’t 100% clarified nor ready.
  • You find yourself having frequent bursts of inspiration but struggle in the execution of your personal branding efforts.
  • You’re unsure which parts of your life and/or multi-passionate pursuits to anchor your personal brand in.
  • You have known, from when you can remember, that you are supposed to help other people.
  • Often feel overwhelmed by all that is required to stand out and cut through the noise online.
  • You know, after all is said and done, you would have lifetime regret not sharing your message to those who were meant and need to hear it.

There is zero reason for you to do this alone. Not when there is an end to the frustration and discouragement and a beginning to your personal branding success.

I’m so ready to breakthrough

5 Weeks, 5 Classes, New You

A true classroom experience from the comfort of your home or office that provides substantive lessons, thought provoking exercises, assignments and quizzes to hold you accountable, and a diploma at the end when you finish. Only 30 students can participate at a time because we refuse to lose all that you are and all that you’re called to do in the masses. Join 29 of your fellow branding classmates and change your lives together:


Class 1 - Future of Business is Personal
The first week we will dive into what this class is actually about, the class syllabus, assignments, and a discussion around what personal branding is and is not. Believe it or not, this may be the most important discussion you ever have as it relates to defining and growing your brand.

Class 2 - Your Strength in Your Story
Discover the individual strengths and superpowers that only you possess in connection with the stories that showcase them. We go beyond the surface of what you want and more into the why of what you want and how that is all you need to succeed.

Class 3 - Finding your Doris
Personal branding is all in the service of others but the key in finding your brand’s true voice is finding your one. Your ideal customer avatar. We find them, we find you, we find your voice.

Class 4 - Time to Bridge the Gap w/ Story
It’s time to ensure that you’re stepping into the right role when it comes to your brand story. Who’s the real hero? Who’s the guide? And what’s the bridge that connects the two? We’ll introduce you to the PBR method and finally bridge the gap between your story and the story of your tribe.

Class 5 - Architecting Your Future
The fundamentals are covered and now it’s time to bring it all together and share your story with the world. Learn where your brand fits with all your products, services, pursuits. So what happens next?

Alumni Transformations



“Loved the creativity of the whole class & it made me see things in a new light while learning. Amazing job all together!”
Melinda D.

“I loved the create your “Doris” activity. It really helped shape the exact direction I want to go and how I can align my goals to cater to my Doris.”
Enlly Fuentes

“The class was very relatable and provided me with a foundation for my future goals and aspirations!! It also helped me find a good starting point where as before I was feeling a little stuck mentally!”
Breann Thompson

I'm ready to transform!

We can do more together than we ever can alone

I wish I had known all of this when I started my entrepreneurial journey. I wish I had someone who believed in me as much as I believe in you right now. Like you, I was equal parts ambition and equal parts frustration. Wanting so much more for my life and my family but also so caught up in the emotional rat race that comes with trying to stand out and make something of myself. And then one day it clicked. If I want to build something I can build my life around, that evolves when I do, that I won’t tire of, and that can serve other people and serve my family then I need to invest in the one thing that can never be replaced - me.

In the last 10+ years of my marketing and branding career I’ve helped some of the world's most well-known company brands (IMAX, Marriott, Dale Carnegie, College Hunks Hauling Junk) and well-respected personal brands (Dr. Weil Vitamin Advisor, Fortune 500 SVP, Inc 5000 CEOs, Book Authors, Fellow Speakers, etc) stand out. But I also did them a massive disservice. I gave them and executed some of the best ideas I could offer BUT I didn’t help them self-generate their own ideas. I believe that your ideas, born from your gut + intuition and excavated with tools and techniques change lives permanently. From now on, I promise to actually teach others how to find their why and now I have those tools to help you can stand in your own light.

My purpose is to help you and your fellow classmates succeed through authentic brand positioning and effective marketing so you can help those you feel called to serve: your families, your employees, your communities, your business, yourself. It's an honor to be your teacher and help you live out your purpose.

I’m ready to transform

Investing in my future + success

Only 30 seats available + An Inaugural Price

You don’t have to pay $8,000+ a semester to sit an executive MBA class to have this knowledge. You don’t even have to pay $2500 to do the work with me personally to go through the process of defining your personal brand. You can take this class from home or the office with a family of students just like you, for a never-again-offered inaugural price.

Class Enrollment Expires 8/27/19 or when all seats have been taken.

Need Payment Plans or A La Carte Options? I Got You!

*Class Enrollment Ends August 27, 2019 at Midnight!* First Come, First Serve Basis

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Just because you’ve already begun building your brand, doesn’t mean you’re doing it in a way that will allow for the most impact or that you won’t find yourself needing to pivot down the road. The reason this class is only 30 seats is so that I can know each of you personally and teach you exactly what you need to learn wherever you’re starting from.

This is a LIVE class and you will not have access to all of the content up front. My goal is for this format to be as interactive as possible. However, I know that life happens. Within 24 hours of each class, you will have access to recordings, but those recordings will only be available to you two weeks after our last class wraps.

You should plan for 1-1.5 hours for the actual class and another 30 mins (at least) for studying the content, quizzes and/or assignments. It’s a small investment of time for knowledge that will change your life and business for the better.

Yes. You can always email me with questions and if the question is relevant for the entire class, I’ll share the answer in the next class. If the question is too individual or personal, then I recommend you sign-up for the class plus consulting package so we can have dedicated 1:1 time.

Like I said, I’ve taught this class to students paying over $30,000 in tuition for their MBA, but since this will be my flagship virtual class, I am offering a ONE TIME price of $497. I’m confident it won’t take long for you to see the value. You can pay it upfront or broken out in 2 installments.

Class officially begins Thursday, September 5th at 1pm EST. I will be teaching it live every Thursday at 1pm EST after that. If you cannot attend at that specific time because life totally happens, don’t worry! I will be emailing the recording of the class within 24 hours so you can watch it, do your assignments and/or quizzes before the next class.

Even though no other classes have been planned at present in 2019, we can promise you that the $497 inaugural price will never be offered again so don’t hesitate!

Can’t pass this up! Grab my seat.



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